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Climate: Average is 81 degrees year around
Dry Season: January – May
Wet Season: July – September
Water Temperature average: 80 degrees year around
Visibility: Up to 150 ft
Currency: US dollars
Electricity: 110/120 volts
Language: English is spoken through the islands


Welcome to Palau, one of the Under Water Wonders of the world, where you can dive with all the rare and exotic marine life.  Palau is home to over 1300 species of fish and 100 dive sites to explore.  It is truly a diver’s paradise.  Over 12 years ago I fell in love with Palau.  Palau is famous for the gorgeous reefs, spectacular colorful walls that will dazzle you, exciting drift dives through the channels and you can even dive a wreck or two during your stay. When people ask me why I have fallen in love with Palau, I have to say Palau offers everything a diver could want.  There is a myth that because there are so many different types of marine life that Palau was believed to be the underwater birth place.  But diving is not all Palau offers.  You also have the warm and friendly people that welcome you with open arms.  The beautiful Rock Islands that look like they are just floating on top of the water covered in lush foliage.  As you travel to your dive site take in the beauty of the Rock Island’s white sandy beaches.

Some of the things to experience while you are topside are Jelly Fish Lake, Kayaking, Museum, Aquarium, helicopter rides, snorkeling and the dolphin encounter.

Kayaking is an unforgettable experience in Palau.  The kayaking company will take you and your guide to the rock islands by speed boat; drop you and your guide off with your kayaks.  You might not see another person all day.  From the moment your kayaking adventure begins you will take in the absolute beauty of the surroundings.  All you hear are the exotic birds of Palau.  You kayak for about 20 minutes then stop and do some snorkeling.  My first time to see a Mandarin fish was kayaking Palau.  After snorkeling you jump back on your kayak. They might stop at a bat cave or maybe an old pill box from WWII where you can see the writings on the wall.  Then you break for lunch, you have lunch on one of the little islands.  After lunch you are back on the clear waters of Palau.  It feels like you are the only one in this magical place. 

You will be amazed at Jelly Fish Lake.  The lake is surrounded by lush foliage. It is a peaceful setting.  As you swim in the lake you can hear the birds sing.  You will be hypnotized by the beauty and sounds of this place.  As you are swimming towards the middle of the lake you will see a jellyfish here and there and then all of a sudden you will see millions of harmless jellyfish.  They are beautiful creatures.  This is an adventure that you would not forget.

There are many things to do in Palau, these are just a few.  Palau is a place you don’t want to miss when visiting Micronesia.

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