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Climate: 76 to 83 degrees
Dry Season: May thru October
Wet and monsoon season: Nov thru April
Water Temp: 75 to 85 degrees
Visibility: Up to 150ft
Currency: Australia dollar AUD
Electricity: some hotels have 110 but mostly 240 volts
Language: English


When you arrive in Australia be prepared for a lot of adventure. There is so much to do there from some amazing diving or white water rafting, taking in the spectacular view of the rainforest as you glide in the skyrail over the treetops. Even try a hot air balloon ride. One of my favorite adventures is taking a trip to the outback, walking into the lava tubes and have a campfire breakfast with the kangaroos out in the wild. Australia's biggest attraction is its natural beauty.  It is the same in size as the United States. Australia has many exotic animals from koalas, wombats and of course the kangaroos. The landscape varies from endless horizons to dense tropical rainforest to the Great Barrier Reef which is the only living thing that can be seen outer space.

Great Barrier Reef Cairns, Australia

The Great Barrier Reef is located in the far north of Australia where you can find some of the most exotic and rare diving and snorkeling in the world. The Great Barrier Reef has been a favorite point for the eastern coast of north Australia for centuries. Discovered by James Cook, who claimed Australia for Britain in 1770.

Since then the Great Barrier Reef has been a fascination for everyone who visits it, something they will never forget. Beautiful reefs, exotic fish, giant clams, mantas, whale sharks, brilliantly clear water a rejuvenating experience. Whether you are interested in deep-sea diving among giant wrasse, or snorkeling in shallow water surrounded by tiny fish, the Great Barrier Reef is a place for everyone. 

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